Brookes in Sarawak: One Hundred Years of Tribal Killings

In the last two years the Brookes, the English Dynasty, who ruled Sarawak for one hundred years from 1842-1941/1945, has been revived by a political group styled S4S, Sarawak For Sarawakians. The group is mostly supported by the Chinese and Dayaks while the Malays were opposed to this controversial political issue.  They paraded Brooke’s flag and its emblem in bright black, red and yellow colors.  Certainly the leaders of S4S have not study the history of the Brooke rule in details.  If only S4S knew that the Brooke sustained it autocratic rule by inciting tribal wars that could called One Hundred Years of Tribal Killings.

The Massacre of Beting Maro

Members carrying Brooke's flag and emblem
Members carrying Brooke’s flag and emblem

On 31 July 1849 1,500 to 2,000 Ibans and Malays seamen were killed and should be called the Massacre of Beting Maro by the British Navy at the urging of Jame Brooke without the approval from the British goverment.  The issue was brought to the British Parliament and a Commission of Inquiry on James Brooke were initiated by the British government.

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  1. Dear Friend, Sanib.
    I must congratulate and you urge to continue writing ALL the details of Sarawak History including the Chinese treachery from gold mines of Ulu Sarawak when they came down to Kuching trying to assassinate James Brooke and family, even displaying chopped heads along the roads. Good luck.

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