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15 Years of Blogging: Writing on Love and Tragedy of History, Politics and Economics

Thinking and Writing
Thinking and Writing

My first essay was published in my school magazine when I was 14 years old.  Since then I cannot stop writing and reading.  Later I studied English Literature for the Cambridge Examination for the General and Higher School certificates.

Love and Tragedy

At the university  the  Shakespeare tragedies were expanded to reading about shades of love in D.H. Lawrence’s novels. And the great European novels such as the tragedy in Kafka’s The Metamorphosis and the French Adre Gide on love.

But I chose History as my major in the University of Malaya in 1976, in particular history of Sarawak, my beloved state, for BA, MA and PhD.

You may guess now that my writing comes from the English literature and my stories are from history.


When Google introduced its blogging services for free, I could not resist making a few blogs relating to Sarawak and Borneo.  Blogspot.com was so easy to use back then.  My more popular blogs were www.wildborneo.blogspot.com, www.borneoink.blogspot.com and www.universitimelayu.blogspot.com. I tried the Adsense and was so excited to get paid by Google, not much and only once!

Now blogging has advanced in many aspects and I think a little more complicated.  Of course, monetized and commerclised too.  Sadly blogspot.com is no longer popular compares to WordPress that I am using now and Facebook too.

Ride of changes and keep abreast with things that matter most in my life.

Thanks for coming and reading!  Cheers


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Studied History as my major from the University of Malaya, in particular history of Sarawak for BA, MA and PhD. My writings come from the English literature and my stories are from history. I have written several books, among them are Malay Politics in Sarawak (Oxford, 1985); Melayu Sarawak: Sejarah Yang Hilang (UNIMAS, 2013; 2nd ed. Saramedia, 2016).
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